Okay, I know it’s not Wednesday, but this post starts from last Wednesday! 😀 Boy, so much and so little has happened this past week. Happy Valentine’s Day in advance for tomorrow, for those who are celebrating. 🙂 Tomorrow will be our first Valentine’s Day as an “old married couple.” 🙂

Where to begin! I’m slowly losing track of days as they are starting to blend into each other. Wednesday. We started out our Wednesday having a yummy hot breakfast and went out on a journey to Kualapu’u. We were looking for the Kalaupapa overlook and checking out Ho’olehua town. I found my favorite lil’ general store in Kualapu’u where they have super ono musubis, Melona ice cream bars for ONLY $1.09 that don’t have ANY freezer burn (that’s a HUGE plus over here!) and Mr. Pringles at a nearly reasonable price. hehe life is good.

We explored until the road became unpaved and turned into dirt, scoping out a place called “Mo’omomi” for another time. Here’s some brief info if you wanted to find out more about this preserve under the Nature Conservancy Organization.

After walking all over and meeting a couple that run a art/gift store (Wendy & Zach), we headed back to our end of the island to explore the various back roads. We discovered many hidden “secret” beaches to return to and potential fishing spots. We located Dixie Maru beach which is a really nice semi-protected bay that looks very inviting to swim at.

At another random stop along the side of the coast we came across a parking lot with two kittens! They were extremely timid, but after circling us, us talking to them, and sharing our Pringles, they came around. Poor little things were starving! They were so tiny, I almost scooped both of them up and took them home until I started getting itchy (allergies kicking in). They were so much fun to play with until the downpour came. 🙂

After that it was a chilly, cozy evening at the hale with hot cocoa and warm cookies. 🙂 LOVE having my husband home! 🙂

More to come on the rest of the week later, but here’s some photos from a few days! 🙂