Aloha kakahiaka! …good morning! 

And what a good morning it is. 🙂 Forget alarms and even clocks (there isn’t one in the house! :-O), one wakes up to the sound of the crashing surf and the ‘early birds’ chirping their morning melodies.

To be honest, I was a little frightened to go to bed last night in this hale (house) all by myself. The porch is fully screened in, but who can’t easily slice through one of those?! Okay, too many thrillers. 🙂 Anyways, I left on a couple of lights, made me feel MUCH better, flashlight by bed and snuggled under the covers in the HUGE king size bed. Never realized how large those floating islands were! 😛

Not too sure what today holds as I’m waiting to find out if my husband is getting to come home or not. He’s supposed to, but looks like they have quite a few holdbacks… Unfortunately, there’s REALLY junk cell phone reception in our hale so I’m waiting for that email to fly in with the news. Should I start cooking a hot breaky or wait?! That is the question! 🙂

Trying to get our fishing gear ready, yes, diving into the fishing world (learned how to whip from Mapuana, mahalo!) and hoping we get to go on M’s 4 days…Superbowl withstanding of course. 🙂 It’s going to be an extremely private party over here, invite only! 😛 We may not have wings, but we’ll have something yummy and festive.

Last night the sunset was awe-inspiring beautiful. The colors, the waves, the light! Oh goodness, I’m reliving it! 😀 I also met some wild turkeys, we have PLENTY of um, but apparently they are NOT good eating. 🙂

Well, gotta get that rice cooker started! Hope that everyone has a beautiful day wherever you are and whomever you’re with!

Warmest aloha!

Caroline Ilima