Well, it’s Mike’s first day at the station in Kaunakakai today!

So far we’ve found out just how far we live from “town”- 2 grocery stores, about 3 restaurants, 2 gas stations, 1 computer store, 2 banks, an “all sorts” store and of course, Moloka’i Sweetbread!!!! hehe there may be a few more stores, but that’s nearly it.

We’ve explored some of the area around us, beaches and coastline, nearly untouched by developments and people! It’s beautiful and so private! It’s rugged beauty seems to remind me of how Hawai’i must have looked years ago, more specifically, Maui.

On our second day here we went to main Maunaloa town and took a long dirt road to where the Moloka’i Hoe and Na Wahine O Ke Kai (Women of the Sea) takes place annually. Looks like prime fishing spots, at least secluded. 🙂

We also played “tennis” on a super mini court, which we found out later that it was for paddle tennis ball! 😛 hehe oh well. We were going to jump in the pool, but discovered about 50 bees in there…

On Wednesday morning we headed to town to get a few picnic supplies and water for the day. We were heading ALL the way to the east end of the island, Halawa. On our way we stopped, enjoyed the scenery, waterfront homes, livestock, goats, and a working ranch. We met Keala who we got to talk story with and she gave us passes for a hike in Halawa (hike to Mo’oula -red lizard Falls) that would have normally cost $75 a piece plus needing a guide!!!! Score! We also bought some ono organic apple bananas. mmmm….

After stopping at another beautiful bay, with a surf break, we had some lunch and got ready for our hike, passes, cameras, and map in hand.

Our hike adventure started! We were told it was 1 mile, maybe 2 roundtrip and ended up taking us about 4 and 1/2 hours!!! Trees and plants all started to look alike. 😀 We didn’t give up and FINALLY found the beautiful falls. 🙂

Yesterday (Thursday) we finally got to hangout at our place, didn’t start the truck once! 🙂 We took our chairs to the beach, couple of books, picnic lunch, and surfboards! We headed out into the surf and I attempted to catch some…the swell was still up and the smallest waves were about 4-6 Hawaiian! :-0 To say the least, we had a lot of fun. Then time to get ready for the next BIG day of work and all the gear etc.

Also, Mum and Dad sent us our truck bed box key and we were able to get our clothes!!!! yay! Clean clothes, laundry, my husband, and chili and rice for dinner!

Today, I’m going to check out the pool, clean up our place, research some social media marketing techniques for The Earth Trot Project and maybe take a sunset stroll. Hopefully, Mike has a GREAT day at work and is able to come home to a hot breakfast.


Caroline Ilima