This morning we woke up early to head out and take some sunrise photos, well Mike did. I decided that I’d try my hand at some fishing… key phrase being, try. 🙂 

The surf just kept rolling in and trying to take me off of the rocks, so I got the hint and headed in towards the tide pools. Apparently the minnows weren’t falling for my beautiful green lure. Oh well, hoping to head out to Hale O Lono sometime where there are much better fishing conditions, at least water-wise. 🙂

Mike got a few great water shots and I had fun watching him in action on the rocks, while keeping an eye on him in case the ocean had any ideas of scooping up my husband’s gear…oh yeah, and my husband!

Today is a computer work day for both of us, along with laundry and dishes etc. 🙂 Probably going to head out later and attempt taking some sunset shots from “our” beach.

Oh! And last night I got an interesting text, yes this one actually got through in the far left corner of the upstairs bedroom, that we’re invited to a wedding this month…and the kicker is, it’s on Moloka’i!!!!!!! 😀 My former classmate and friend, Miwa is getting married on the 18th! So, it looks like I have some more plans to add to my crazy calendar! 😀

We also got the email that Mum and Dad Nawatzki are coming over on February 19th! Yay! Wish that they could bring Pauka with them. 🙂 Sure do miss my lil’ nugget.

Well, laundry is pau so better get going! Have a wonderful day and a hui hou!

Carolina Ilima