4 month mark of the Noccioline "Noch" aka. Peanut in Italian.

4 month mark of the Noccioline “Noch” aka. Peanut in Italian. Yes, we carved these. 🙂

YES, it’s true! First time Mama to be and my heart is so happy.

Hubby and I found out our little blessing of a surprise right before a big trip to Europe in September. What a joyous experience. Our journey was taking us through Southern & Northern Italy, Nice and France. Many prayers that we wouldn’t injure the growing bebe in our adventures. Thankfully, so far everything is going well. Talk about a relief doctor’s appointment upon our return. Phew. Only 5. short. long. months. to go!

We were fortunate enough to have both sets of parents meeting us in Tuscany, Italia to be able to share the latest news of the addition to the family. Pretty great way to meet up and start the family week that we will never forget.

We are so excited to meet our little one in April 2016. Baby is due on Daddy’s birthday, 4-8-16 (not bad birthday huh?!) and can’t wait to find out if it’s a little boy or girl! Yes, keeping it a surprise even from ourselves. So far with all that’s been happening, it’s easier to do than I originally thought! Yay!

I had NO idea how difficult “keeping it simple” with baby items it could be! Stroller shopping is worse than hiking shoe shopping and that is saying a lot. All in all, so happy and joyful that we have the opportunity to be shopping for bebe items and looking forward to cuddling with our cutie.

Okay, enough mushiness, Merry Christmas month!!!!!

Lady Aloha