Aloha kakou!

Don’t worry, I won’t get too mushy! šŸ˜€

This past week we (Michael) got his four days off (joys of working 24 hour shifts) and we’ve been talking about how we want to take full advantage of our time here. Well, take advantage we did!

On the first day we hammered out some ideas for our current “For the Love of Music Project” through The Earth Trot Project so that we can get that moving and in action. Still underway, but should be solidified by the end of this week…hopefully.

Later on we finally got out of the house and headed to town for a pizza date at the most ono pizza spot on the island!!!! We even shared a yummy chocolate milkshake. We got some groceries in town and headed towards Kualapu’u. We were going to try to get some photos of the sun dappling on the coffee farms, but we couldn’t get high enough over top. Being spontaneous, we decided to chase the sun to our side of the island at Pohaku Mauliuli (Black/cinder rock), popularly known asĀ Make Horse (Dead Horse- attractive right?). We made it!

Day 2 we did some work on the computer in the morning and then decided to explore. We were going to off road some areas near our hale (house), but we reached a dead end…but we weren’t going to give in that easily to our adventure of the day. Instead, we headed down to Dixie Maru and were going to hike to La’au.

Being spontaneous we decided to try to find this ‘clearly marked trail’ and find La’au Point! We saw bay after bay, “tentalows” which are tent platforms to form bungalows, private beaches, 13 monk seals, maybe 6 people the entire trip, bushes, deer, lava, a couple of beached boats, and even a few shaded rest stops.

We continued on to the “point” and then made the long trek back to the truck. Our feet killed, we were soooo thirsty from not packing enough water and very hungry, but the adventure was entirely worth it. However, sitting down in the truck had never felt so good. šŸ™‚ It was time to head home to jump in the pool and wash off the day.

Following day we did some Earth Trot Project work (figuring out the logistics/brainstorming for the Love of Music Project), had some pool time and met a nice older couple who were celebrating 52 years of marriage!!!! They were a wealth of knowledge and told us about this place called “Kawakiu” which was a ‘small kine’ hike to a “best” spot on the island. Mike and I were feeling adventurous and decided to give it a whirl. We quickly got out of the pool, changed, grabbed our cameras, a makeshift picnic, flashlight and headed out into the bushes. šŸ˜€

Kawakiu turned out to be a serene and perfect swimming spot. So far, on Moloka’i alone I already have so many favorite spots, but this one definitely is closer to the top of the list if that’s even possible. We enjoyed a sunset picnic with the whole bay to ourselves. I collected pretty seashells while my husband captured some amazing sunset colors. We then headed back in the dark with the sounds of barking deer in the distance, yes, I found out that deer bark. Remarkable sounds to keep one company while searching for the pathway home…

The next morning was an early start at 4:30AM for sunrise in the East! That’s a whole hour away from us on the West, which in the islands is a road trip needing extra clothes, food, water and blankets. We stopped at a few different spots near fishponds and Mike managed to click some of my all time favorite photos which I would love for our walls.

After the sun came up we had to have a brief nap in the truck, headed back to town to get a snack and back to the west end. We ended filling our day with various activities and wanted to see sunrise AND sunset in one day. Around sunset time we took a picnic and our cameras (yes, our primary items: food and cameras) down to the tide pools and stayed long after sunset getting some long exposure shots.

Another complete, satisfying, tiring, and special day on Moloka’i.

Mike and I are definitely feeling the love and aloha here. Moloka’i is a special place that has nestled into our hearts forever.

We’re getting close to our time on this island to be up, but savoring every last moment. More good times to share another time.

In the meantime, have a beautiful day. Smile, spread aloha and live your life to the fullest!!!!!

Warmest aloha,

Caroline Ilima