Got an email this morning that is definitely worth dusting off the blog site and sharing. Shame on me if I didn’t.


If you’re already familiar with Kiva or have given a loan before, then right on! If not, here’s your ultimate chance. If you join through my link (  then you get your first $25 to make a loan to an individual of your choosing around the globe at no cost to you. Unless you want to increase your loan or loan recipients then by all means! If not, then at least you get a taste of Kiva and see how it works.

Kiva is a lending organization that matches donors/lenders with individuals who have need all around the world. And it works! During the lending process (it does take a while as most can only pay cents at a time due to poverty, but it’s on a payment schedule) you’ll get updates and a glimpse at seeing your $ at work.

It’s a neat way to make a positive difference that can really change the outcome of someone’s life all from a few clicks at home, on your phone or tablet. More about Kiva that will probably be a lot clearer at if you want more info. I hope you do! 🙂

I’ve been privileged enough to lend to four different individuals in different countries (Ghana, Guatemala, Mongolia and most recently Palestine). Even better is that once the funds get paid back (yes, that too!) then you get to “re-use” your initial lending dollars to aid someone else! How awesome is that?!!! I’m excited because I got a loan paid back in full from Waheed and his barber shop, so that means that I get to choose a new person to loan to today! Yay!!!!

I hope that you’re inspired to at least check it out. Mahalo for reading, sharing (please do!) and spreading the aloha!

Warmest aloha,