A simple act of kindness has the power to completely change someone’s day in every way. I know because someone (actually lots of people) have done that for me.

This time of year can be so hectic and stressful for many reasons; deadlines, visitors, financial burdens, Christmas cards (still send those?), events, concerts, lines, baking etc. etc. etc. Are you stressed yet???!!!!

At the same time, it can be so cheerful and festive! Maybe just a few Christmas songs…

Regardless of the craziness, being kind never gets old. At the times when it feels like stress is getting you close to burnout or explosion, stop. Take a deep breath (or a few) and as the GPS says, “recalculate.” Taking that extra minute to just breathe and think can make all the difference and slowdown that snowball effect of despair or blunder.

We all have issues and obstacles, but isn’t it so much better to be around people who are positive and make the changes happen instead of simply complaining about the never ending lists?

Those moments or days of bleakness can be turned 180 degrees with the simple act of someone being nice! For example, I wasn’t having a “bad” day per say; just not an exceptional one, when out of the blue I was brought over lunch from one of the restaurants to our kiosk. Someone at the mall had bought me lunch! It was unexpected, delightful and completely made me smile. That was a definite bonus to the day, if not the week because it still makes me smile and feel good. Talk about gratitude!

The simple act of people smiling at you, saying hello or holding the door makes me have a brighter day. How about you? Try it and see if it catches! 🙂

I was reading this morning that we should embrace our problems and tackle them with a positive attitude. Time is fleeting and oh so precious. I certainly don’t want to waste it on anger and frustration, even when there are frustrations all around. It’s difficult, yet possible.

Breathe. Pray. Relax. Conquer. Imua. Be kind, pass it on!

Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka!

Lady Aloha