Birthday! The crazy three days were beginning and NOT stopping until we got back ‘home’ to Paniolo Hale. This post will be much shorter. Promise I’ll try… 🙂

Let’s see, last I was recovering from the ocean voyage over from Moloka’i to Maui and trying to dance well at our hula show….. Thanks to my loving husband who brought me good ol’ McDonald’s chicken nuggets, french fries, hot tea AND sprite, I recovered pretty quickly and got rid of my chattering teeth. I was also honored with gorgeous leis from my halau ohana on stage. 🙂 lalalove.

Let’s see after that Mum and Dad took us to our Aunty & Uncle’s to pick up BULLiTT (our car)! 🙂 Happy & sleepy times. From there we finally got home and poured on the love to our lil’ (15 pounder) Kianapauka. Boy did we miss her! Still do.

As Mike had to be studying for his medical exam coming up soon (Saturday) we tried to get a lot accomplished on Thursday AM (Kahului town run). Driving around we felt like we were in a major city and “stuck in traffic” all the time, road to parking lot! It was crazy and felt like it was overrun with people. Comparatively, we maybe have one car behind or in front of us on Moloka’i. There aren’t any traffic lights on the island! 😀

Post errands we met up with Auntie Cake & Uncle Richard for lunch at one of our all-time favorites (best deal and ono food), “Café O Lei”. They even gave us a birthday dessert! 🙂 After that we went to quickly check out the renovations at the Archer hale (house) master bathroom. Coming along beautifully, it’s going to be the BEST spot in the house! 😀

We got back home to spend some time with the Pauka and Mike to study. We hadn’t even unpacked and were going to have to repack in just a couple of days. Time was already flying. That evening we got to meet up with Uncle Skip & Auntie Debbie at another yummy place- Greek this time, “Pita Paradise.” I enjoyed their yummy appetizer platter and shared an American Greek salad. Yum.

That evening Mike and I were feeling a little adventurous (okay, a lot because usually we go to bed around 9 or 10) and ended up going to a ‘silent’ film…”The Artist!” It was surprisingly fantastic. We came out feeling, yes sleepy, but positive and happy from watching the film. Who knew that you could get so emotionally invested with characters that don’t even speak? Not to mention that adorable puppy in the film. Then it was time for bed, finally.

Next morning, my BiRthDay- 24 on the 24th, we didn’t have any food in the fridge so Mike and I got Jamba Juice and a wrap for breakfast while stopping at Engine 6, the Kihei Fire Station to say “aloha”. After that we went to say hi to Mum and Dad and pick Mum up for our girl’s shopping trip. We dropped off M at home and Mum and I headed out. Unfortunately, I had so many errands (Costco was a zoo) to run as well since we were only going to be there for just a short time more which kinda cut into our “fun” time, but we made the most of it. 🙂

That afternoon we went to my tita’s (hanai sister from another mister) and her hubby’s place for “lupper” (lunch/dinner). It was SO lovely and she made me an ice cream cake from scratch AND a cheesecake! Oh yes, and a delicious dinner. 🙂 Mike had to study so Gabes even made a plate for my man. Following dinner, I mean “lupper,” we headed out to say one last “see ya later” to my halau ohana performing at Maui Mall. Then we continued on to a BIRTHDAY movie (hehe no movies on Moloka’i so making the most of it!) at the Queen Ka’ahumanu Shopping Center. We saw “Safe House” with Denzel Washington and it was very entertaining. Mahalo Justin & Gabes for that generous and really fun birthday gift! Loved it!

That was our day! The next day was the big test day… While Mike was bravely taking the exam (trooper for doing so much), I met up with Grandpa Eddie for lunch and a couple more errands. Sadly, Mike and I were already leaving that evening. Alas it was time to pack up, head to one last Maui meal at the Paulsen’s (where we/I got to meet Karen and Tom who just got engaged!!!!) and back to the docks in Lahaina.

Our time on Maui was almost too quick, but such a lovely and packed 3 days of “vacation”. It was definitely bittersweet to head back to Moloka’i. Mike and I are definitely falling in love with this place, but miss our kitty, family & friends.

That’s a gist of my lovely birthday present returning to Maui! 🙂

Love & aloha,

caroline ilima