Want to save on your water bill?! I know I sure do, especially the hot water one!Here’s a couple of things to do and once it becomes a habit it’ll be no big deal.

1. When brushing your teeth (most at LEAST do this twice a day, so this will add up in savings) turn off the water while actually brushing! 🙂

Only turn on the water when you’re going to use it, usually I get the toothbrush/paste wet and then just rinse at the end. Don’t need to water just streaming down the water pipe. No waste and moa cheaper!:-)

2. Showers. Yes, those lovely & revitalizing daily activities. Like the toothbrush, after you rinse, turn down or off water, soap up and rinse off! MUCH less water usage and hot water bill!!!! Most of us are usually on a time constraint and this is a good way to keep on schedule while getting the job done and trimming the costs!

3. Garden? If so, water in the early AM so that the water has time to absorb, won’t get sopped up by the sun too quickly, and will dry up excess water so the plants/foliage will be less prone to diseases/aphids.

10 quality minutes a day is better than 30 more expensive and not as effective ones at 3 in the afternoon, or even 9AM! 🙂 Timers make it ever that much EASIER!!!!! Happy plants, happy bills & happy people! 🙂

Let’s work together to make our Earth better and live smarter and cleaner! 🙂